Let Your Fingers Do the Walking – a short God Trip


Mr. Electric showed up in minutes

His name was Tommy Dudley and what he said in the Yellow Pages was true.

My sister had been out of town for a few days and when she returned she noticed the waterfall that cooled the water in her fish pond had stopped.  We had a heat index of 105 degrees yesterday, and her fish were hiding under a rock and the algae was growing.

“I will have to wait until Monday,” she said mournfully.  “My electrician can’t come until then.”

Remembering that old adage, “Let your fingers do the walking”, we looked in the Yellow Pages under Electrician, and there he was:  Mr. Electric.  His ad read, “Your Expectation: Immediate Response.”  She called him, and within half an hour he and his companion arrived in two vans, diagnosed the problem, (no, it wasn’t the chipmunk eating through the wires as we had thought), did a temporary fix until a new pump which had shorted could be purchased, and voila! Water falling.

What else did it say in their ad? “We have the power to make things better!”

You can believe it.  After all, it was a God Trip.

God Trip Rule: One door closes, another opens and sometimes you don’t even have to leave the house.


One response to “Let Your Fingers Do the Walking – a short God Trip

  1. I love it! There is something about living in a smaller town and service. Thanks for sharing the story. (I am sure the fishies were very glad.)

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