In Search of a Flame

When your mission is “changing the way you see the world,” it’s good to have a candle.   

A big change –the Egyptian revolution didn’t stop l8 Ambassadors (i.e. guests) from the Cairo Friendship Force to spend their intended three weeks in the USA, their last week here with us.   The Friendship Force was started in Atlanta by Jimmy Carter on a suggestion by his minister in 1977 when he said the only way we can really understand each other is to put our legs under someone else’s table.  Our farewell dinner for our new friends from Cairo is Monday night. (


Alun Ward, talented potter at the Blue Ridge Pottery in Greene County suggested that he give 18 of his handmade candleholders to our Ambassadors.   “Why not fill them with American made candles and let them take home the flame of freedom from America,” he said.

Great idea, I thought, and went in search of handmade American candles. A God trip!  Our Ambassadors Aida, 84 and an artist ( and Shadia, 65, her delightful friend, both widows of Egyptian generals, accompanied me and God led us to C’ville Arts Cooperative on the downtown mall.  There we found l8 beeswax candles made by Raven, called Flames by Raven.  They will carry home the flame of freedom and the world shall be just a bit brighter.  All from American bees, clay and ingenuity.  And one man’s great idea!


One response to “In Search of a Flame

  1. What a special time with amazing people Willow. Artists connecting to artists, just exquisite 😉

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