Sometimes You Have to Wonder

I don’t often do rentals in my real estate business, but this one seemed important. The owner’s name had the word Angel in it.

Getting in touch with him was difficult as his work took him from Virginia to Venezuela, but luck had it that he found the renter himself, and I just had to put it together.

The renters relied on their friends at Lake Monticello to look at the inside of the house as they were in New Jersey closing on theirs and needed a quick decision. I met the friends Saturday, and it was like old home week. They were from Rockville Centre, not far from Malverne on Long Island where I spent those early teenage awkward years. You know, braces and all that!

The one bright light those years was a special relationship I had with a young man who picked me up in his birds egg blue Sunbeam Talbot and whisked me off to Cafe Geiger on 86th Street between lst and 2nd Avenue in New York before taking me to the Old Met to see Rigoletto, Cosi Fan Tutte, Carmen, La Boheme and when that season was over, the New York City Ballet. A tall, naive teenager, I felt like Cinderella everytime John picked me up. For years I wondered whatever happened to that first love of mine as my parents moved me to Connecticut at age 15 and we lost touch. You just don’t forget the first person who made you feel beautiful.

So when conversation turned around to who we might know in Malverne, I mentioned John.  Imagine the wonderful surprise when they told me  John and his wife were their very best friends.

I just got off the phone with him after catching up on 55 years.  They are going to make a God trip to us someday.

You just have to wonder because you can’t make this stuff up.  Sometimes God trips just come to you.


2 responses to “Sometimes You Have to Wonder

  1. Wow – What a beautiful story. But, I have a feeling these things happen to you all the time. You are a magnet for magic.

  2. Thanks, Suzanne. It was a magical day when you were born.

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