Just Let Go

Destination: 301 Keswick Glen -- a gorgeous place to land

Today I wasn’t feeling exactly up to par. Had something to do with dancing at a family wedding on 11/11/11. My seventy something ankles weren’t used to dancing with an Arthur Murray instructor but it sure was alot of fun. Twelve piece orchestra to boot!

So today as I was heading to an Open House, I thought I would try something new: just letting go. “Take me there,” I said to noone in particular, but hoping the Holy Spirit was paying attention. He always does. I had been there two times previously and it was a bit out of the way and both times I had come from entirely different directions.

Next thing I knew, I was turning a different way altogether at Boswell’s Tavern, right on 22, left on Columbia Road, right on Loving? Loving Road, yes….I did remember it intersected with Campbell somewhere, and before I knew it I was at Keswick Glen having come from an entirely different way from any I knew existed.

And I was ten minutes early!

So, another rule for God Trips, “just let go.”

And tonight the acupuncturist took care of the dancing feet. So it’s all good.


3 responses to “Just Let Go

  1. Ah yes, to let go and let God. Trust. It’s a lesson I have to relearn every day!

  2. I can so hear your voice and see your smiling face and body language in my spirit as I read your blogs! You have such a gift with words…

  3. I love your attitude! The analogy to take another path with the same or even better outcome is so true in life! I’m a “backroads taker” by nature, always trying to find shortcuts and along the way I find beautiful scenery! Come to Arkansas and visit me at http://grannymountain.blogspot.com
    Joy C.

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