Celebrating a very special birthday!

Forty five years ago October 27th, I was waiting for my husband to come home from the University of Texas.   My best friend, Alice had just taken Suzy, age three and a half and her children whom I had been babysitting all morning home to her house.

“Those aren’t gas pains, honey,” she said. “You are in labor.”

I couldn’t figure out what was keeping him, as I paced up and down the driveway noticing there was a crack in the retaining wall of our University Hills property. Fnally he showed up with some story about running out of gas and the good Samaritan with the gas can who came along near the Austin airport.

No mind, I didn’t much like hospitals, and Celina was born about half an hour after we finally got there.  Her father doesn’t remember the story, but when we celebrated Celina’s birthday  Thursday, I brought her the proof: my l966 diary.

God trips can be into the past if you want them to be. But my favorite part of them is to enjoy the unpredictable unfolding NOW.

There was much to talk about: Celina and David’s recent trip to my birthplace, New York City, discovering the gardens built on the old El (see past posting on that one with Christine) and seeing “Momma Mia” on Broadway.

It was the last warm Indian Summer day of the year, and we found a wonderful outdoor restaurant in nearby Crozet where we could dine outside and the milar balloon Alan and I gave her bounced in the breeze dodging leaves falling from nearby trees. It was magical, and the waiter brought us three (yes, 3) delightful desserts: key lime pie, cheesecake and chocolate brownie cupcake with a candle in the middle.

The next step? How do we walk  off that unexpected yet totally welcomed indulgence? Why climbing Humpback Rocks on the glorious Blue Ridge Parkway, made even better by the amber sunglasses we both were wearing.

It doesn’t matter how you dress on a God trip. Just go with the spirit of adventure. I had on a skirt, but did that stop me? Nope. Didn’t have hiking shoes on either. We just took one step at a time, stopping at every bench (for me) and the view at the top was spectacular. Would love to meet the person who put in those benches and thank him or her personally.

Never be concerned on a God trip about calories.  There is always a way to burn them off!  Enjoy.  We did.

 And any problems that life was giving us got lost on that mountain top, a great place to gain perspective about everything.


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