God Trip in New England

My daughter, Christine and I chose a blue highway out of Boston headed to Northampton, Massachusetts today and that made all the difference. We found out that her book, “The Power of Slow” is on the shelves of not one but two local libraries when we needed to stop in Greenfield. What I miss in Virginia is the God-made ponds that dot the landscape here, with red buds of maples mingled with white birches. We found Louisa Mae Olcott’s home where she wrote “Little Women” and had the most wonderful guide, Sigrid who told us this was her second home. Louisa’s sister, May, her model for Amy, was a wonderful artist and their Mom and Dad unlike mine, let her write on the windowsills. That was in Concord, where the colonists turned back the 700 redcoats and our Revolution began. We also found on Route 5. the Yankee Candle Company, which sells alot more than candles — and Christine found Andreas a great pizza cutter. It’s fun to take the back roads on God Trips. Especially when you find a frisbee catching cow.


One response to “God Trip in New England

  1. Wow, that sounds SO fun!

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