When I passed her, she smiled

Yesterday was one of those open days where I had planned on just getting my bangs trimmed and having lunch with a friend, but it turned into so much more.

You see, when I passed this beautiful older woman on Main Street in Charlottesville, we exchanged smiles.  We were going in opposite directions, but there was a connection.

When I came out of the hair salon twenty minutes later and saw her coming out of the Blue Moon Diner, we both stopped and I said, “Every day I pray for a special stranger, and today you are it.”  She smiled as if she knew.  I continued, “Is there anything in particular you would like for me to pray for you about before I go to sleep tonight?”

She had just put her mother in a hospice on Park Street, having moved herself just a week earlier to a small apartment nearby from a farm outside town.  “I sleep in my lounge chair, ” she said pointing to the cast on her arm.  “I haven’t been able to unpack, but that’s alright. I will get around to it when this heals,” she added.

“Would you pray for my mother, Lena?”

We exchanged numbers and thoughts about mothers, and found out she had been married to someone who worked with me years ago, and I had had a wonderful time at her farm near Gordonsville years ago at a Sheepdog Trial.

Leaving the farm on a September morn, never knowing what lies beyond the mist

We truly all are connected, if we take the time to find out.

I am glad she smiled.



One response to “When I passed her, she smiled

  1. What a beautiful post! I am glad she smiled…and that you took the time to find out what lay behind it.

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