Hiking the James River Heritage Trail in Downtown Lynchburg

God tripping with someone who has never been on one before, is a true trip when that person has just gotten his driver’s license. Eusebio Pires wanted to drive. Why not? His gas mileage on his Toyota Corolla was alot better than my Crown Vic’s!

He was great! Just a few weeks into driving, he did U-turns in the middle of downtown Lynchburg like a pro. Two of them.

We finally found a place to park near the James River Heritage Trail, unpacked our lunch of spicy chicken, diced potatoes, curried goat, grapes and cherries courtesy of Mahabuba whose party we visited earlier in the day and watched kayakers paddle lazily down the river.  If you had told me this God Trip would include delicious food from Bangladesh on a rock, I would never have believed you.  But Eusebio is from Mumbai, and it fit.

God trips never cease to amaze me, as I had wanted to go hiking, but didn’t mention it to Eusebio when he said he had never been to Lynchburg.  I wanted this to be his trip.  What did we end up doing? Can you believe Lynchburg has a wildlife paradise downtown along the river, and then up a creek near a beautiful mansion called Point of Honor once owned by the personal physician to Patrick Henry?  We crossed the creek with skyscrapers in view, turned right through a green tunnel of foliage to find the old railroad tunnel they told us about at the Visitor’s Center.  (The video there is done in fast forward and is one of the funniest introductions to a town I have ever seen.)

Sure enough, on our way, skyscrapers just up the escarpment, a small deer came out of the greenery and looked at us as if to say, “What are YOU doing here?”

Kayakers on the James from Percival Island where we had lunch

I want to go back to this fascinating town and take another look.  There is so much to see, and thanks Eusebio for the great hike!


One response to “Hiking the James River Heritage Trail in Downtown Lynchburg

  1. Deborah Koontz

    I read all of your blogs…how cool! Thanks for sharing about your ‘God Trip’ experiences. I am looking forward to our God Trip together. I would like for you to share your experiences in worship:)

    Blessings, Deborah

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