God Tripping with Spicy Food

God trips invariably include food.  I mean the body needs its fuel, right?  One of the best kept secrets in deliciously prepared Slow Food can be found at the University of Virginia International Students’ sponsored cooking classes. They are open to the public and free.  But you will need to register (see link below).

Yesterday afternoon I gathered with about 25 international students at the Lorna Sundberg International Center with my friends, Eusebio, Ryan, and Mahabuba for India/Bangladesh spicy food, featuring something I have never eaten before: goat.   They called it mutton, but it was goat, from the Afghan Market in Charlottesville. Tender, spicy, tingly to the tongue, with a flavor all its own! And what people you will meet — Kate from Boston who taught with World Teach in China, Jennifer who was in the Peace Corps in Morocco, Eusebio from Mumbai who could open his own restaurant when he isn’t searching for the cure for ovarian cancer. Mahabuba from Bangladesh even sang her country’s songs with two of her countrywomen as the dishes were placed on the big diningroom table for all of us to savor.

Check out their website: http://www.virginia.edu/iso/ic/for upcoming programs. Next is French food, I believe. They are also on Facebook, University of Virginia Lorna Sundberg International Center.

Lorna Sundberg International Center

God Tripping usually includes delicious food, and this is the best, prepared in front of you, and you get to eat it too, meeting some very special people. It is a spiritual experience putting your feet under the table at 21 University Circle, Charlottesville, VA 22903.


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