From Fast Train to Slow Food

We are in New York City!

And the smartest thing we did was get a hotel across from Penn Station, creatively named Hotel Pennsylvania.   The porter who delightfully escorted Christine and me from Fast Train to faster 7th Avenue, jaywalked us with luggage on cart directly across the 5 lanes of mostly cab traffic and within 45 minutes of arriving in New York, we were in our room.   Hungry.

Rule #1: When hotel concierge recommends local restaurant, he probably has a friend there.  We walked into the Niles Restaurant, TV’s blaring in a bar and decided on this God trip, this wasn’t where we needed to be.

Basic Rule to God Trips:  If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t His will.  You see with God trips, you let whatever your concept of Higher Power  is, guide you.  My Higher Power is God, in Three Persons…yours is  whoever spiritually guides you.

We moved on. “I want someplace intimate,” Christine said.  And so we found it.  

The restaurant’s name is Biricchino, a Northern Italian Slow Food restaurant at 260 West 29th Street and we were the only people there, but we weren’t the only people there when we left, two hours later. 

To walk off the delicious slow food, we took the advice of Chelsea, our waitress

me and Christine on the High Line in NYC

to walk the High Line, a New York City park built on the tracks of the old “L” that runs from the Battery to Midtown.  Tulips, green grass, trees, a view of the Hudson River at sunset.  It doesn’t get much better than this.


5 responses to “From Fast Train to Slow Food

  1. I hope we can take a God trip together this summer or fall. You are such an inspiration.

  2. Enjoy your God Trip with your beautiful daughter! How special!

  3. ‘Slow Food’ … wunderbar comes to mind!

  4. Judy Peterson

    I must take Sydney on the High Line on my next visit to the city. Love that picture of the two of you. Keep the blogs coming. I love hearing from you.

  5. I can see where Christine gets her good looks from!

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